English registration


If you want to register on competition please follow this (provisional) manual:

Fulfill form for registration (name, state, International athlete, etc…):

  1. Fulfill form for registration (name, state, International athlete, etc…)
  2. After reciev an email, click on hyperlink inside this email and you will be in our database.
  3. If you are in our database send us a mail on  [email protected] (“Please allow me to joint to your competition”, when we verify your “natural status” we allow you to compete


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Confirming acceptance of the terms registered athlete expresses the commitments set out in the Anti-Doping Rules considers clearly specified and any violation is aware of the above sanctions and consider them entirely appropriate, inter alia with regard to the fact that it is an interest group, whose purpose is to “clean sport”.

Antidoping policy:


Purpose of the codex

The purpose of the World Anti-Doping Code and the World Anti-Doping Program that supports it, is:

  • Protect the fundamental rights of athletes to participate in doping-free sport, to promote health, justice and equality for all Athletes
  • Ensure harmonization, coordination and efficiency of international and national anti-doping programs in regard to the control and prevention of doping.

In case of violation of the Code and detection of doping among athletes is given a lifetime ban and a fine of 600 Euro